Does Debian deserve an independent news service?

There has been increased discussion recently about the purpose of Debian Community News. The ultimate goal is to improve Debian, both the operating system and the community, through accurate, independent feedback about leadership decisions.

Kim-Jong Un

As explained in the About page, Debian Community News is proud to be independent. In countries like North Korea, all news media is run by those in power. Debian's mission is so important that we deserve better than that.

Debian Community News is very much about Debian and that enables us to use the Debian trademark on a fair-use basis. We encourage other people with the right motivation to follow our example. We have all contributed so much to Debian over so many years that we all have the right to use the Debian name.

Since starting this site, we've been overwhelmed with feedback from readers who can relate to stories of bullying in the free software community. Many have provided examples, some forwarding threats they received from Debian's self-appointed Thought Police, the notorious Anti-Harassment™ team, in their uncompromising crusade for a safe space. Each of those menacing emails is chilling in its own way and we never cease to be shocked by them.

We can't investigate and resolve these matters on your behalf and we don't believe it is in everybody's best interests to publish all the examples of bullying we've seen. We are volunteers too, we have your best interests at heart and it is humbling for us when people trust us for advice when receiving these uncomfortable and embarassing emails. Nonetheless, please feel free to keep contacting us if you have ideas or concerns to report.