European Heritage Days & Debian-Private leaks 1996 to 1998 inclusive

In the spirit of the hugely popular European Heritage Days, where unusual buildings and artworks are opened to the public for one weekend each year, Debian Suicide FYI volunteers are opening the debian-private vaults to bring you more relics from that period in the 1990s when volunteers were hoodwinked by Bruce Perens, Software in the Public Interest and trademarks.

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An earlier leak from 1996/1997 contained approximately 8000 messages although some were missing and some threads were broken. Thanks to behavior of Debian leaders like Chris Lamb, Sam Hartman and Jonathan Carter, the leaks keep coming and now 13,940 messages are in the wild. Today's leak adds everything up to the end of 1998.

Please be respectful and remember that the burden of Debian-Private gossip culture was a major factor in the Frans Pop Debian Day suicide. RIP Frans Pop. RIP Privacy.

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