Kurt Roeckx & Debian, the character assassination equivalent of a lynching

Kurt Roeckx, Debian Project Secretary, gangstalking, cyberbullying, character assassination, defamation, libel

On 24 March 2021, Canonical/Ubuntu employee Steve Langasek formally requested support for a vote to publicly defame Dr Richard Stallman.

The Debian Project Secretary, Kurt Roeckx went about processing the request as if nothing was wrong. He has acted like a robot.

Imagine for a moment that the vote was about murdering somebody with physical force instead of character assassination. Imagine that such a motion was presented with the required number of supporters, as defined in the constitution. If Roeckx went about processing a request for such a vote, he could be prosecuted for crimes like conspiracy to murder and if the plot went ahead, accessory to murder.

In such circumstances, the best thing to do is to resign. The resignation of the secretary at this point could invalidate the voting process. It would be a circuit breaker.

Even now, volunteers have come to realise that they will face serious consequences for their abuse of the 68-year old Dr Stallman and previous acts of defamation against volunteers. These consequences can be avoided by abandoning the vote. The secretary can ensure that happens by resigning. This is the best course of action for the Debian Project today.

On the other hand, if Kurt Roeckx is willing to continue with this crime, accessory to character assassination, you can file a report with the Belgian police. The manner in which Roeckx has organized the vote may have already violated Belgian laws concerning harassment, stalking and cyberbullying. The police may already have enough evidence to arrest and question him about the harm caused by this vote.

To submit the form, you need to provide a Belgian national ID number. If you know anybody in Belgium who is disturbed by the ferocity of attacks on Dr Stallman, they would be the best people to submit the form. You need to provide the address of the suspect.

Unfortunately, most organizations have a registered office or some other official address for service but Debian refuses to provide such details because of the deceptive legal structure. Roeckx's address is available online already. Therefore, we are copying it here so you can use it for lawful purposes, to file a crime report, to begin civil prosecution for defamation or simply to submit claims for expenses that were not reimbursed:

Debian Project
c/o Kurt Roeckx, Secretary
Mortelstraat 44
3150 Tildonk

Should Mr Roeckx resign from his post or cancel the defamatory referendum, deleting all traces of defamation from the Internet and when Debian publishes their service address and incorporation details, we would be delighted to publish that address instead.

As long as the Debian cabal continues to blackmail volunteers with defamation, as long as the cabal is hurting volunteers and our families, volunteers have the right to respond, defend our reputations and our families with proportionate means.

circuit breaker

What does a cyberbullying lynching look like in Debian?

RMS are the initials of Dr Richard M. Stallman. This is just the last week of March and it only includes the comments in the debian-vote discussion list. We left out the threads on debian-private, debian-project, debian-devel and the same for the first two weeks of April.

Imagine if your were Dr Stallman: would you have time to read all this and defend yourself? Dr Stallman is a volunteer.

Dr Stallman did not consent to be the subject of this public discussion. Therefore, it is harassment.

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