Paul R. Tagliamonte, the Pentagon and backstabbing Jacob Appelbaum, part B

Here we leak the next evidence of Paul Tagliamonte's backstabbing while he was working for a White House team in the Pentagon. Notice the email is sent at 8:53am on a Friday morning, it appears to be sent during office hours.

Please consider the strict legal obligations for US Federal employees. In particular, Government employees are required to uphold the constitution and be impartial when dealing with the public. Violating these rules may lead to criminal consequences.

Tagliamonte's email is not a "first hand account"

Three other developers, Steffen Möller, Miriam Ruiz and Ansgar Burchardt had expressed concern about the social media mob attacking Appelbaum. Tagliamonte's reply cancels their concerns without giving any good reasons.

Tagliamonte: "I don't want people like that in my community"

It is not Tagliamonte's community. Debian claims to be a universal operating system and the Code of Conduct tells us that everybody is welcome.

Subject: Re: Jacob Appelbaum and harrassement
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 08:53:57 -0400
From: Paul R. Tagliamonte <>
To: Steffen Möller <>
CC: Debian Private List <>

It's not about a badge, or DDs being "special" (spoiler: we're not), or us giving some great honor by gracing him with our company, it's about safety.

I am not comfortable with him around, in whatever form. I don't want people like that in my community -- a community where my guard is "down".

Illegal or not, even if he's productive or not (which I don't think he is), his presence will result in contributors feeling less safe and less able to do work they're spending their free time doing.

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 8:49 AM, Steffen Möller <> wrote:
> On 16/06/16 10:46, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
>> 2016-06-16 8:47 GMT+02:00 Ansgar Burchardt <>:
>>> I think he hasn't responded to the @TimeToDieJake Twitter account (and
>>> its successors) or the reported accusation on his house[1] either.
>>> [1] <>
>>> I admit not being a fan of groups of people who think a nice lynch mob
>>> is the way to deal with accusations (be they true or not). But I guess
>>> nothing will be done to not have people gather such a nice mob: they
>>> deal out jistice after all...
>> This is harassment too, it should be condemned and it should not be
>> tolerated, encouraged or applauded. If we're starting to go back to
>> tribal justice based on the power of mobbing, and taking justice by
>> each own's hand, I'm out. Regardless of whether the accusations of
>> sexual harassment, rape, etc. are true or not, this is not a proper
>> way of doing things. If needed, we should also publicly state that
>> Debian abhores and rejects all kind of harassment, including revenge
>> harassment. This is not the Anonymous movement.
> +1
> How about blacklisting JA from Debian conferences/sprints/any physical
> meeting ... in complete analogy to how he would have been banned from
> our mailing lists if he said publicly on the list to what he said+did
> publicly
> on those meetings?
> I read this JA page. Quite some complains had the action in JAs rooms.
> We had a "let us share rooms to save money" initiative for our Sprints.
> Maybe
> it is good idea to set up a policy not to have people share and not
> apologise
> for €/$75 hotel rooms? Gender-combination agnostic, this means, obviously.
> In my mind, JA should be allowed to keep his DD status. Alternatively,
> should he be
> demoted to a DM but I do not want our current DMs to feel demoted. Or
> should he not even be allowed to upload? Our meetings apparently need
> some extra protection from him but I do not think our distro does.
> For punishment he should be sued - while I do accept the reasons stated
> not to sue, the chance for him to experience prison as a first offender and
> be physically harmed in there are rather low, so, don't feel too bad
> about it.
> Sue.
> Steffen

Character assassin pictured with US Air Force leadership

April 2017, shortly after the plot against Appelbaum, Tagliamonte was pictured with Acting Secretary of the Air Force Lisa Disbrow, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein and co-founder of Rebllion Defense, Chris Lynch. This is from the Hack the Air Force program.

Questions need to be asked at the highest level about why Paul R. Tagliamonte was pushing the criminal accusations against a US citizen. Senior staff pictured with Tagliamonte may need to be called before Congress to explain whether they had any knowledge of these plots and whether the shaming of security researchers like Appelbaum and Julian Assange is part of an ongoing program.

As Mr Appelbaum resides abroad and travels frequently, any false arrest or prosecution may have created additional problems for the United States.

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