Sexism processing travel reimbursement

According to the DebConf travel funding rules, volunteers need to buy their own tickets and then wait for a reimbursement to come later.

For DebConf18 (Taiwan) and DebConf19 (Brazil), some of the Albanian women asked to have the tickets purchased in advance. Debian changed the rules for these women but not for anybody else.

Subject: Re: [ #7328] DebConf travel pre-payment requests
From: Martin Michlmayr
Time: Fri Jun 29 08:56:42 2018

* Hector Oron [2018-06-28 10:55]:
> I added Martin to the list, he'll be taking care of flight ticket
> purchase if you send him flight details.

This has been taken care of.

Martin Michlmayr

They are the same women seen in the photo with the Israeli.

DebConf18, Enkelena Haxhiu, Diellza Shabani, Elena Gjevukaj, Lior Kaplan, Kristi Progri

Every year male students complain that their funds have still not been reimbursed months after DebConf. DebConf15 was in August but payments were still outstanding at the end of November:

Subject: Re: [Soc-coordination] DebConf travel / GSoC student payments?
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 00:25:18 +0530
From: Komal Sukhani <>
To: Michael Schultheiss <>

Hi Michael,

I still don't got the DebConf travel reimbursement. Have you made the payment?

Sorry for trouble.

On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 9:54 AM, Michael Schultheiss <> wrote:

Apologies for the delays in payments. I should have the payments processed this week and payments shoud be received in approximately 1-2 weeks.