URGENT: debian.community domain seized, use new feed URLs, 7000 new leaked emails

URGENT: our domain has been stolen and will stop working on 29 July 2022

Please update your browser home page, bookmarks and links from any pages you control.

Use the new URL https://Suicide.FYI where we are continuing to document the Debian / Ubuntu culture and related suicides

You can find the new RSS and Atom feed URLs on the same page. As the debian.community domain has been stolen, we can not rely on a redirect.

New debian-private leaks for July and August 2022: the DebConf room-sharing lists are coming. See the conflicts of interest in Debian cabals bedroom-by-bedroom, bed-by-bed. Read it safely online without the grunts and odours of DebConf dormitories. These will be available on the new URL, https://Suicide.FYI

Other new leaks include another 7000 emails from debian-private. Please make sure you follow our new URL.


We note that the Debian gods have only tried to steal the domain, they have not made any effort to dispute the evidence we publish about mentor/intern romances in Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Outreachy. Thanks to this legal process at WIPO, a lot more people are now coming to look at the web site.

If you rely on Debian and if you need to know the truth about modern slavery, people trafficking and integrity in open source, please follow and share the new URLs.

Photo Copyright (C) Andis Rado, Open Labs hackerspace, Tirana, Albania, copied from Wikimedia Commons