WIPO UDRP Response (Private & Confidential)

Debian Community News is sharing our response to the WIPO UDRP harassment from Jonathan Cohen, Charles Fussell.

The response contains a number of confidential emails, including one from the missing Arjen Kamphuis and we hoped to send it directly to the administrative panel.

We believe our response is so strong that Debian Project Leader Jonathan Carter will totally capitulate and withdraw the complaint from WIPO. If he withdraws the complaint, we believe he must resign as DPL.

Corruption in the WIPO email systems

Unfortunately, there are problems with the WIPO mail servers. When we previously tried to communicate with WIPO by email, we received errors like this:

: host mx10.unicc.org[] refused to talk
    to me: 554 Blocked - see https://ipcheck.proofpoint.com/?ip=

This is not a level playing field. Do we have to go to Geneva and give somebody money just to accept our response?

WIPO wants a bribe

This message shows us that either their mail servers are really broken or WIPO mediation center is suffering from a bias against respondents.

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